Time Trakker

Time tracking for Spire on Windows and...

On Android!

Time card entry for Spire on Android with:

  • Individual user sign-ins.
  • Drop down selection of jobs and associated accounts.
  • Calendar selection of any day in the past.
  • Editable entries.
  • Real time sync'ing.
  • Supports system setting for dark mode.
Save On Android, View on Windows
If you save an entry on Android and open the Window's client it will be there. The same source data is read for each.

Live connection to Job Costing active jobs and accounts

  • Dropdown selection of jobs and selectable accounts associated with that job.
  • Unlimited description (saved in separate database and always available for reporting) separated from payroll, so Job Costing can be realtime.
  • No double Entry. All transfers of data to Spire are controlled by an admin user and completely automatic.
  • All events (timecards) can have the time manually entered or changed and on Windows by dragging and dropping.
  • Windows only: Calendar can also display non-Spire events such as appointments, scheduling of other resources, etc.
  • Windows only: Detailed and summary reports by employee and by resource for all modules.
  • Windows only: User access based on assigned privileges.

Live connection to Sales Orders

  • Live connection to Sales Orders.
  • Dropdown selection of orders.
  • Dropdown selection of billing codes.
  • Unlimited description (optionally transferred to comments in sales order).
  • Windows only: 3 options for posting to Sales Orders (details only, details with comments, summary only for time period selected).

Live connection to Payroll timecards

  • Regular and overtime calculated automatically
  • Pay schedule setup includes start and end dates for pay periods - calculated automatically in maintenance setup