Sell It Anywhere Windows Services

Place orders using your iPhone or iPad and they will update with your server's accounting system in real time. Move in and out of data connections without worry as orders and updates are synchronized seamlessly in the background upon reconnection. Place orders with ease and security as they're encrypted in transmission and on the device.

  • Works with or without a data connection.
  • Data is securely encrypted on device and connections.
  • Search by name, product code, or barcode number.
  • Works with bluetooth or iOS compatible barcode scanners.
  • Generate quotes and immediate email confirmations.
  • Honours the price matrix and all customer-specific pricing.
  • You can access sales history and the ability to copy from a past order/invoice.
  • The admin program has the ability to limit customers on iPad by salesperson/territory.
  • You can modify prices, give discounts and accept returns if the salesperson's permissions allow.
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Download Sell It Anywhere Manual (194k PDF)

OS Requirement:  Windows Server 2008, 2012. Windows 7, 8.
Account Software Supported:  Spire, BusinessVision 2013 (v7.6), 2014 (v7.7) and 2015 (v7.7). Also possibily BusinessVision v7.2+, Essentials (formerly called BV Essentials)

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Sell It Anywhere

  • $1000.00 installation and training.
  • $45.00/mo per iOS device.