Time Trakker

Time card entry quicker, and with less mistakes.

Single, straight forward, data entry screen for all modules.


Live connection to Job Costing active jobs and accounts.

  • dropdown selection of jobs
  • dropdown selection of accounts associated with that job
  • unlimited description (saved in separate database and always available for reporting) separated from payroll, so Job Costing can be realtime

Live connection to Sales Orders.

  • live connection to Sales Orders
  • dropdown selection of orders
  • dropdown selection of billing codes
  • unlimited description (optionally transferred to comments in sales order)
  • 3 options for posting to Sales Orders (details only, details with comments, summary only for time period selected)

Live connection to Payroll timecards.

  • regular and overtime calculated automatically
  • pay schedule setup includes start and end dates for pay periods - calculated automatically in maintenance setup

- All events (timecards) can have time manually entered or automatically changed by dragging and dropping

- Calendar can also display non-Spire events such as appointments, scheduling of other resources, etc.

- Detailed and summary reports by employee and by resource for all modules

- User access based on assigned privileges

No Double Entry

All transfers of data to Spire controlled by admin user and completely automatic.